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Inhalon Biopharma to Share Progress on Inhaled Monoclonal Antibody Therapy at 9th Annual Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Delivery Congress

Durham, North Carolina, April 25, 2024 — Inhalon Biopharma, a clinical-stage company advancing a proprietary inhaled antibody platform for treating acute respiratory infections (ARI), today announced plans to present at the 9th Annual Inhalation and Respiratory Drug Delivery Congress on April 26, 2024, in London, UK. The presentation, “Pre-clinical and clinical experience with inhaled muco-trapping antibodies against respiratory infections,” will be the keynote address on the “Innovations & novel approaches in inhaled therapies, delivery & device development track.” During the presentation, Inhalon Biopharma founder, chief scientific officer and director Sam Lai, Ph.D., will discuss the company’s progress in advancing its pipeline of inhaled treatments for acute respiratory infections. He will detail recent progress including highlights from  a recently completed Phase 1b study comparing inhaled delivery vs. intravenous delivery, and preclinical studies published in Advanced Science and Bioengineering and Translational Medicine.


“Since I founded Inhalon Biopharma in 2018, we’ve made tremendous strides towards developing the evidence to support the use of inhaled antibodies to treat respiratory infections,” said Sam Lai, Ph.D., said founder and chief scientific officer of Inhalon Biopharma. “We’ve repeatedly shown in preclinical models, and now in humans, that antibodies can be effectively delivered to the respiratory tract via inhalation, and our studies have upended conventional wisdom about this form of delivery’s ability to reach the deep lung.”


Inhalon Biophama is developing inhaled antibody products as potential treatments for respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), SARS-CoV-2, metapneumovirus (hMPV), and influenza. This treatment approach involves the delivery of antibody therapy directly to the site of infection, using a handheld nebulizer rather than systemically via an oral or intravenous delivery approach. Such an approach is believed to reduce costs and ease the burden of care on patients and the health care system.


About Inhalon Biopharma

Inhalon Biopharma is a clinical-stage company advancing a proprietary inhaled antibody platform for treating a variety of acute respiratory infections. Inhalon Biopharma’s intellectual property includes approved U.S. and EU patents covering the composition and use of aerosolized muco-trapping antibodies. Inhalon Biopharma is supported by the Thiel Foundation’s Breakout Labs, Life Science Angels, and JSR Life Sciences as well as several federal grants from the NIH and USAMRDC.



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