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Unmet Need

Unmet Need​

Large Unmet Treatment Need – Vaccine Coverage Largely Falls Short

Only about a third of U.S. adults have the highest level of available protection against the coronavirus, saying they have been fully vaccinated and have received a booster shot within the last six months.

 PEW Research Center Study (May, 2023)

Influenza Vaccination Coverage

For all people ≥6 months during 2021-22 season (U.S.)



COVID-19 Fully Vaccinated

Number of U.S. adults receiving updated booster (U.S.)



Sources:, NY Times



Inhalon’s Test-to-Treatment Model

Inhalon is developing inhaled antibody treatments that are designed to provide immediate intervention, be self-administered, and work for all age groups.


Patients are treated by inhaling an antibody mist that is generated by a handheld nebulizer. Inhalon uses vibrating nebulizers from third-parties to aerosolize the antibody drug without changing the antibody's properties. 

Inhalon's muco-trapping antibodies are designed to come in single-use containers that can easily be poured into the nebulizer. Patients inhale the antibody drug for 3 to 5 minutes using the nebulizer mouthpiece or mask. This process is repeated for 3 to 5 days depending on the indication.

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