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Richard Goozh

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Richard Goozh is a serial entrepreneur and investor with a passion for building and financing technology companies. His career includes founding and building companies, investment banking and Fortune 500 leadership roles. Richard is the founder of Cambrian Growth Partners, a private investment and advisory firm focused on high-growth life sciences and high-tech companies. Cambrian has led dozens of successful financing and M&A initiatives.  


At heart, Richard is a technologist. Beyond his academic focuses in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Engineering, he has an ongoing thirst for new technologies. This passion has led to deep dives into fields as diverse as biotechnology, software, wireless technologies, semiconductors, thin film technologies and more.  


Richard has been an investor in private tech companies for more than 20 years. He holds board and advisory roles with several portfolio companies including Inhalon (biotech), CND Life Sciences (diagnostics) and Payzaar (SaaS).

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